Original mission

26 February 2012 GTA San Andreas
Mission from the beta version of the story Brothers to a coffin , But, in Perfect quality . All errors are corrected. In this mission you have to fly to the plane behind the plane! You must do this very quickly, if you do not have time, you wil...

Original Missions: Capture a skyscraper & Flight over the abyss

1 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
Two missions, which I did immediately after the release of a long creative vacation. The missions will go into a small pack of "Original Missions", which I froze. I did not make a special bet on the plot, more on the gameplay and hardcore. 1. "The...

Lady Shiva from the game Batman Arkham Origins

10 November 2013 GTA San Andreas
Lady Shiva from Batman Arkham Origins to replace any character. Features: - Textures of medium quality; - The game looks good; - Supports all the main functions of the game.

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