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Russia vs USA [Machinima]

24 March 2014 GTA San Andreas
A small machinima in gta san andreas. In connection with the fact that the US constantly intervenes in the affairs of other countries, the war between Russia and the United States did take place. It's a pity gta will not allow you to make 2 different...

Aliens vs. Predator Marine Dropship

14 March 2010 GTA San Andreas
Replaces: hydra. The plane from the game Aliens vs. Predator Marine Drobship is now available in San Andreas.

GTA: Criminal Russia Patch for the demo 0.1.5

28 July 2010 GTA San Andreas
A patch fixing bugs of the full demo version of GTA: Criminal Russia Demo v.0.1.5 Special Edition. In particular, it fixes the bug with textures on the car AVIA, the settings of the buses LAZ-699R and LiAZ-Minutka, adds an updated version of th...

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