Optimus Prime (Fan version)

13 December 2013 GTA San Andreas
Hello everyone, I want to introduce the skin of Optimus Prime, Skin looks good. You can replace it with anyone or play through the Skin Selector. Have a good game! Join the group in touch!   hidden text ...

SkinHead (Football fan)

15 June 2011 GTA San Andreas
It's a very old job of mine, but it's still pretty good. "Skinhead," "fan," "Nazi" or "bishop," call him whatever you want. The main thing - take a bat and go beat the scumbags!

Chicago Bulls Fan / Random Winter nigga

29 November 2012 GTA San Andreas
Recently I was fascinated by the creation of skins in sportswear. Here svayil skin, and decided to release it. Also there is another ready-made skin, which I will release very soon). The white bars on the renderer are nothing more than a bug. As ...

Offroad Effect

15 July 2015 GTA San Andreas
Mod will change the effect, on the earthen and sand surfaces left by the wheels. Installation: copy the game directories into the models folder, particl.txd confirming the replacement of the file.

2007 Cadillac Escalade

9 June 2008 GTA San Andreas
A good Cadillac model, with a well-developed interior and bodywork.

GTA San Andreas - Camera Hack v1.2 for windows 7

13 May 2010 GTA San Andreas
GTA San Andreas - Camera Hack v1.2 for windows 7 Probably many have faced the problem that, a very good program GTA San Andreas - Camera Hack , Does not work under windows 7. The problem is that of the 7-ku for some reason, by deleting the nece...

New Great Effects 1.6

1 June 2010 GTA San Andreas
New stunning effects for GTA San Andreas. More detailed description on the picture.

Phone Service

5 October 2010 GTA San Andreas
With this mod, your phone will no longer collect dust in your pocket, but become for you the most indispensable item in the gameplay! This mod allows you to use various phone services! The script itself consists of two parts - it's a phone book (let'...

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