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Female CJ Mod

21 September 2015 GTA San Andreas
Not so long ago I learned that in 2008, in one corner shot at GTAForums.com, one modeler developed a complete replacement of the CJ model for the female model. There have been several such projects - up to modeling from scratch, but at the moment thi...

Anim mod CJ v 1.0 beta

24 November 2012 GTA San Andreas
Fashion modifies diversity Sidzheyu. Now you have only 3 new animations available so far. New ganster's gait (activated by the "z" key). Fast running (on the "h" key) and a block (that would be protected during a fight) which is activated on the "g" ...

Nude mod for CJ

15 March 2016 GTA San Andreas
Description: This mod makes Sitja naked. Suitable for Hot coffie mod. Rare mod. Installation: Importing files into the IMG archive: Using the program IMGTool 2.0 or Crazy IMG Editor, import files from the folder "To import to player.img" i...

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