GTA 5 Radio Los Santos For SA By Gon_Iss

31 March 2014 GTA San Andreas
Greetings to all! In GTA San Andreas is a great radio, but for a long time playing it a little annoying. That's why I decided to make for CA the radio from GTA V, one of Franklin's favorite radio stations, Radio Los Santos. Thank you for supporti...


23 November 2019 GTA San Andreas
Hello! Prepared a mod with Russian voice acting on the Los Santos radio station. In mod 2 file: 1 mod - Fully translated radio into Russian (tracks, DJ, inserts from the DJ show) 2 mod - All radio messages have been translated into Ru...

Radio Los Santos

3 February 2012 GTA San Andreas
Collection of music from the radio Los Santos Genre: Contemporary hip-hop and western gangsta rap DJ: Julio G Excellent hip-hop and gangsta-rap compositions, in the spirit of their time impregnated with the gangster atmosphere and the harsh street...

Retextured Apartment in Los Santos

23 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
I made a retwexture for this mod New Apartment in Los Santos Features: * Textures look great in the game * Works in MTA * Suitable for creating Map Mods Download Comments! Have a good game!

Los Santos 1998 Part 2.

2 April 2014 GTA San Andreas
Hello again, users! Long time ago I made a packet of DYOM-missions 'Los Santos 1998 DEMO' . And even promised an early continuation. But the life circumstances have developed in such a way that I could not do the right thing in a short time. But it...

Three-pack radio GTA IV to San Andreas

28 May 2013 GTA San Andreas
This is my second pack, called "Three-pack radio GTA IV to San Andreas". Maud replaces three radio stations, namely Radio Los Santos-Beat. SFUR-Radio K-109. Radio X-Electro choc. And also there are DJ's words. Installation using SAAT or read ReadMe.d...

Radio Offer V1.0 [San Andreas Edition]

19 November 2014 GTA San Andreas
DESCRIPTION: After installing this script, you can turn off your radio at any time with the " X" Button. The script is made so that if your radio is disconnected it will not be turned off again, thereby...

Los Santos Rock Radio

18 January 2014 GTA San Andreas
Radio station Los Santos Rock Radio Straight from Grand Theft Auto V For Grand Theft Auto San Andreas . Besides all the songs, there is DJ and advertising. There is an icon and the name is replaced.   Tracklist ...

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