Driver: Parallel Lines Bus Pack

26 November 2016 GTA San Andreas
Collection of buses from the game Driver: Parallel Lines. Features: - Model in the style of CA; - Fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game; - There are no glaring bugs.


28 May 2012 GTA San Andreas
Bus from the game Driver: Parallel Lines. Operational in SA-MP.

Bus GM TDH-5303 Bus 1969

2 February 2014 GTA San Andreas
Adds a new bus to the game. Replaces bus.dff; Bus.txd. But you can replace at your discretion. - Excellent quality; - Fits well in the game; Have a good game!

T-34-85 pattern 1945

This mod replaces the standard tank on the tank T-34-85. Features: - Quality model and textures - Custom Handling settings (you can find them in ReadMe) - Work rollers and caterpillars - The most famous average tank of the Second World War All w...

T-34-85 from Call of Duty: World At War

14 November 2014 GTA San Andreas
Envelope of the Soviet tank T-34-85 from Call Of Duty: World At War. Features: * Excellent quality of the model * Excellent quality of textures * Everything is well tuned * Its shadow, a lord, a collision * 6 design options (all presented on scr...

Sky Bus

"We were born to make a fairy tale happen, Overcome the space and space, To us the Mind gave steel arm-wings, And instead of the heart - a fiery motor." I suggest you a miracle of aircraft construction - a flying bus. The model is made from st...

Bulletstorm bus monster

6 September 2011 GTA San Andreas
Bus from the game Bulletstorm for San Andreas.

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