Fish in a Barrel (DYOM 8.1)

11 June 2015 GTA San Andreas
According to one of the players' guesses, the mission of Fish in a Barrel at the beta stage was full, not just one cutscene. From these guesses, I tried to make this mission based on DYOM 8.1 Guessing, CJ was supposed to pick Ran Pha Lee from th...

[DeadSpace3] Isaac Clark in E.V.A Suit

25 March 2014 GTA San Andreas
The costume model E.V.A from the cooperative mode, the game Dead Space 3 Features: - Satisfactory quality of models and textures, I slightly eased the model - As a bonus, I added a version for the Normal Map plug-in, plus the plug-in i...

Trevor Phillips Skin Pack

14 February 2014 GTA San Andreas
Worked, puffed and now ready) 12 skins Trevor! In very good quality + Trevor's bonus Also there are Normap Map on the standard Trevor and on his mum. And here is the video: Have a good game)

Trevor Phillips V 2.0

28 May 2014 GTA San Andreas
In general, it turned out that the Talka version associated with Trevor Phillips was not yet finished. Recently, he presented the second version of his mod, which he already did with modmeykerom Max Damed. 1) Some bugs with clothes are removed 2...

The Sandman in a gas mask

29 January 2012 GTA San Andreas
Sandman in a gas mask from the game Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3.

GTA Soccer Team Play or Football (Real version)

27 May 2014 GTA San Andreas
Hello! With you DrJooker, the first thing I would like to apologize to all users of the site libertycity.ru, have downloaded mod for the title "Football" , which I did and put this mod was a fake , fashion writer , who used the video I posted a fashi...


21 December 2010 GTA San Andreas
This mod adds mysticism to GTA Sa. 11 Myths: 1-Bigfoot (shady creeks) 2-Serial killer (ghost town in desert) 3-Aliens (A51) 4-Mutant (in a train tunnel) 5-Zombies (san fierro) 6-Freddy kueguer (cabin in chilliad) 7-Lake monster (lake...

A new bouquet of flowers

8 March 2011 GTA San Andreas
A small fashion that improves the appearance of a bouquet with flowers - now it does not look like a rubbed broom, it's not even a shame to give a friend. There are two variants of the texture in the archive. Since March 8! ...

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