Operation "Eye from the Sky" (Operation "Eye From The Sky")

18 August 2013 GTA San Andreas
Have you gotten stupid shkolotskie mission in the file archive Libertycity.ru? Enough tolerating this! "Operation Eye from Heaven" - a project that was originally conceived as one very large mission, but because of all the limits of DYOM type...

Taking Out from the Trash

16 May 2011 GTA San Andreas
Hello everyone, I'm with you again-SatournFan, which means that I again bring to your attention my missionpack called "Taking Out from the Trash" (Rus., Getting out of the garbage). Plot: 1994 ... The hard times have arrived in Las Venturas. Two...

Tony Stark's Business Jet from the "Iron Man" movie

2 August 2012 GTA San Andreas
-Detailed model -Good salon -Own shadow -General collision -Work the wings Video: Have a good game!

Operation "Eye from the Sky" (the competitive DYOM-trailer)

15 August 2013 GTA San Andreas
"Operation Eye from Heaven" - a project that was originally conceived as one very large mission, but because of all the limits of DYOM type 60+ actors, it had to be divided into 4 parts. If you tell the story, it will be uninteresting. I'll just s...

Danny from The Walking dead 400 days

24 August 2014 GTA San Andreas
Hello! I present to you the skin "Danny" from The Walking dead 400 days. The skeleton is set up well, the face is animated, but there is a small bug with the neck. Actually, that's all.

Signaling from the train / Signals from the train

7 June 2016 GTA San Andreas
With this script you can signal from the train (maybe GTA 5 =)) The setting is: The train.cs file is moved to the CLEO folder! Folder mp3 to the root of the folder CLEO CLEO 4.1 is required!

Skin from art

24 September 2017 GTA San Andreas
Here are 2 skins from one of the artworks of GTA SA. I do not say, of course, that the skin is a direct copy of the art - I just tried to implement something similar for the game. Also, offer your ideas for skins, the idea you like will necessarily b...

Demo Skin From TF2 to GTASA (test)

3 August 2011 GTA San Andreas
As many already know that I have a new project called Team Fortress 2 to GTA SA! It is developing at a fast pace and there is already something! Before you test the envelope test in GTA SA - Demo with Weapons! Actually now you can run and shoot for o...

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