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Breaking Bad mod

26 February 2017 GTA San Andreas
The script adds the ability to prepare methamphetamine in the Journey wagon, just like the characters in the series "In All Grave". The cooking of methamphetamine will occur in several stages: 1. You need to find a Journey car and all the n...

Break-dance mod

18 December 2011 GTA San Andreas
With this mod, when you press the C key, CJ will begin to dance Breakdance. To throw a file ped.ifp in a folder anim.

GTA SA - Quantum Break

15 August 2016 GTA San Andreas
Quantum Break mod for GTA San Andreas. How to install: first open the archive with the mod, and then this: 1) the folder Cleo we throw in the folder with the game (GTA SA) if asks for a replacement, then confirm; 2) the folder Models also throw i...

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