New textures for Los Santos downtown

25 July 2011 GTA San Andreas
New textures for all the skyscrapers of Los Santos. We put the range of visibility to the maximum and enjoy.

New Apartment in Los Santos

9 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
In my opinion a very beautiful new apartment in Los Santos to replace the old one. The author of the file is not me, but the permission to add only with the author's name is.

Retextured Apartment in Los Santos

23 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
I made a retwexture for this mod New Apartment in Los Santos Features: * Textures look great in the game * Works in MTA * Suitable for creating Map Mods Download Comments! Have a good game!

Los Santos - NeW

20 March 2011 GTA San Andreas
So my first global mod called "Los Santos - New Live" was released. So, what's in fashion? -New textures for some houses of Los Santos, it's not pleasant to look at a house from old boards or shoshpopannoy walls, but now you can admire the new bric...

Los Santos New 2

16 May 2011 GTA San Andreas
Here comes 2 version for the sensational fashion " Los Santos New"! In the fashion many bugs are fixed, by the way, it is desirable to put it Over the first version . In this version, textures are added for some buildings, fences, houses. Comple...

Summer in Los Santos

30 March 2011 GTA San Andreas
This is the addition for Los Santos - NeW Will fill Los Santos with a real hot atmosphere! You will be able to see people at the airport who will be waiting for their flight, in some forests there will be fires because of the intense heat (there wi...

GTA SA IV Los Santos Re-Textured City

17 May 2012 GTA San Andreas
GTA SA IV Los Santos is a modification that replaces all textures of Los Santos for quality textures from GTA IV! Installation: Just drop all the files into gta3.img using Alci's IMG Editor 1.5, or any other editor.

Los Santos Roads HD

16 November 2012 GTA San Andreas
Beautiful and realistic roads for Los Santos in high resolution and quality.

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Эх, помню я когда-то делал подобный мод, и ведь даже не додумался, что транспорт может мешать друг другу.
Этот мод выглядит интереснее и как-то более продуманно что ли.
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