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T-shirt Chuck Norris

27 May 2012 GTA San Andreas
Good day. I present to you a new T-shirt for Sizha with Chuck Norris! Installation: The tshirtilovels file is replaced in models / player.img Make backup copies of files that replace! You can find it in Binko / torso / LS.Shirt Thanks for dow...

ACϟDC T-shirt

14 July 2012 GTA San Andreas
T-shirt for fans of rock, in particular ACϟDC. I will do with other groups, it is possible under the order.

New T-shirts

7 September 2013 GTA San Andreas
Hello, dear LibertyCity users! I want to present you my very 1 file archive. The files replace the standard football boxes "I love LS" and the gray "ZIP". I tried as best I could so that there was no distortion of the picture, but this could not be a...

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