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New Project Oblivion

6 October 2008 GTA San Andreas
New Project Oblivion is a new version of the famous "Oblivion Project", dragging all flora from the famous game in San Andreas. Now these are not pathetic shreds of pixels, but real luxuriant vegetation.

Project Oblivion Palm

14 July 2008 GTA San Andreas
This mod changes the original palms in San Andreas to more realistic ones. The idea of ​​the light version matured almost immediately after the release of project_oblivion 1.2. Not everyone was able to keep this mod in connection with a large number ...

Project Oblivion 2007HQ

1 March 2009 GTA San Andreas
Full version of the amazing version of Project Oblivion. In order to understand what is at stake, just look at the attached screenshot.

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