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17 November 2013 GTA San Andreas
K-Rose is the only country station in the GTA series. DJ is a cheerful girl Mary Beth Maybell. Judging by her words, many times she was thrown by the boys at school, then in college, and even now she was married 5 times. And all 5 - failed. By the wa...

Radio Broken

24 March 2013 GTA San Andreas
This mod replaces the boring radio station K-ROSE on Radio Broken from GTA IV. All songs and words of Dj are present. Installation using the SAAT program. Or read in ReadMe, there everything is in detail written how to install. P.S. If you want...

18 Wheels Bar

28 June 2016 GTA San Andreas
PROJECT FREEDOM 18 Wheels Bar (Tosser) in Dillimore In this part of the project, the Tosser bar was replaced, which could be seen in the cut scene. It is located in the village of Dillimoore. At the same time the bar functions, it can eat, play bi...

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