Introduction Mobster

22 January 2014 GTA San Andreas
Greetings to all! Who watched the prehistory of San Andreas, he knows that in the desert scene, the Mafia has other models. One of them can be found in the resources of the game, and the other, a model of a mafia with a shovel, it is not there. For f...

Fat Mobster

4 November 2014 GTA San Andreas
Fat Gangster. Skin thick bandyuk from the mafia. The work is simple, but it fits perfectly into the game.

GTA San Andreas Introduction: ENG

25 May 2010 GTA San Andreas
You probably already had time to look at the background of GTA SAN ANDREAS. I liked it, only it has one minus - they speak English, and so I decided to make a video for this clip (in Russian). Now watching this video is much more interesting. By i...

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