House in the farm 1.0

20 November 2012 GTA San Andreas
Hello Libertycity citizens. I present to you my "new" fashion. The idea of ​​fashion was offered to me by a talented man Mos_cracin. A little time has passed and the mod has been implemented. House in the farm is a small modification that wi...

Someone in the Dark II / Someone in the dark II

26 October 2013 GTA San Andreas
Plot: You wake up at night in the crypt, who are you and how did you get there? Is it important, especially since it becomes very clear that you are not alone there. _____________________________________________________________ For a long time, ...

Berth in the style of GTA 4

11 May 2011 GTA San Andreas
Berth in the style of GTA 4 - new textures for the area. Berth in GTA San Andreas New textures, new roads, sidewalks; New textures of houses; New textures of grass, fences ... New Trees; It is advisable to use the Roads for SF 2.0 mod.

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