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Download The headlights are blind like in GTA VC for GTA San Andreas

The headlights are blind like in GTA VC  
The headlights are blind like in GTA VC for GTA San Andreas
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Category: Files for GTA San Andreas
Section: ModsCLEO scripts
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File size: 694.66 Kb
File replaces: Unknown
File uploaded by: TrushinVlad
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Downloads: 699
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Another feature of the GTA VC. Now, if the player is next to cars at night and look at the headlights, then there will be a blinding effect. He is not on the whole screen, but is noticeable well.
The headlights are blind like in GTA VC for GTA San Andreas
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2 November 2010 GTA San Andreas
Well, laid out! The first public version of my project GTA IV in GTA SA is ALFA. Download and rate! This is not the final version. More will follow. With full retreatment! Do not be afraid that the weight is small there just in the archive of the lin...

Silenced Colt from GTA VC Beta

11 July 2015 GTA San Andreas
The history of this gun is this: at some point in the development of GTA VC, the developers wanted to make a pistol with a silencer, but for some reason they did not realize it. It lies in the PS2 version of GTA VC called "silcolt". I decided to co...

GTA VC Infernus SA style

16 August 2015 GTA San Andreas
Features: -Excels in the form of two spoilers (standard with "horns" and even); -lowpoly model; - There is a model of damage; -His shadow and collision; -Model from XBox version of GTA Vice City; -Average engine layout; - Wheels from Che...

Damage from GTA VC v2 - BETA

14 August 2017 GTA San Andreas
Long time I laid out such a mod, but he was met coolly. But now I have approached the matter in a different way. Mod changes standard car models, adding damaged side wings - just like in GTA VC. This time there are no holes, and scratches...

Promotional airship from GTA VC / V: Remake (v5)

5 December 2017 GTA San Andreas
Since this is already the fifth version, which, moreover, is almost completely redesigned, I will not refer you to previous versions, but just once again briefly tell you what the modification does. And the modification adds an advertising airs...

Working air intake at Phoenix (Phoenix's working airscoop)

29 December 2017 GTA San Andreas
Little things - they are small things ... In the GTA VC of the legendary Pheonix (that's the way it is recorded in the files of this game - this is a mistake) was a working air intake. In GTA SA Phoenix also appeared, but the air intake was inac...

Garbage on the roads of GTA VC

14 January 2018 GTA San Andreas
As far as we know, in GTA 3 and VC you can see any garbage on the roads, like newspapers and leaves from trees. Without thinking twice, I decided to move it to SA, especially since my long-time similar fashion success was not crowned with success. ...

Rain drops on the screen like in GTA VC

27 May 2018 GTA San Andreas
Such a mod is already there, and it is very good. But a couple of nuances made me make my version and present it to you. Now in rainy weather, drops will appear on the screen. Their behavior is copied from their behavior in the GTA VC: they "je...

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comment written on, 15 May 2018, 08:47
Respect: 106
Money: 44$
Awards:: 5

Karma: 2036
ShEbUREK , well, the type can be for every mod a lot of pluses to get, hawah
That feeling, when in half of the mods is done differently than in the Weiss, but crooked and ridiculous
Perhaps the author does not need a wice at all and he purely does his own vision
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comment written on, 13 May 2018, 11:21
Respect: 22
Money: 31$
Awards:: 1

Karma: 451
It does not look the same as in VC, because this effect is very flickering, and blinds as if there were strong searchlights in the headlights.
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comment written on, 11 May 2018, 11:13
Respect: 61
Money: 2$
Awards:: 1

Karma: 1236
Dear fashion creator, and you thought that you can immediately make a pack of all the chips in one and fill in the site?
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comment written on, 3 May 2018, 17:14
Respect: 26
Money: 58$
Awards:: 3

Karma: 370
Well done, good scripts!
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