Ford Crown Victoria Low Poly

11 July 2015 GTA San Andreas
I present to you, the car that many dreamed about (I'm no exception), and here it is the famous Ford Crown Victoria SA Style, yes, yes, you did not misunderstand, now in the style of the original transport. Let's pass directly to the machines: Pol...

2003 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi

19 February 2011 GTA San Andreas
Excellent taxi model 2003 Ford Crown Victoria For GTA San Andreas. Features: - highly detailed exterior, interior and body - tuning in transfender - a model with a realistic damage system - SA changing license plates - explodes...

Ford Crown Victoria LP v2

16 September 2015 GTA San Andreas
To your attention a new, crashed Ford Crown Victoria pack from Christopher. I personally have not noticed anything new, except the bumper bumper, which is present as extra on all machines except the Civ version. Screenshots in the sampoo, tk. I do no...

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