Bouncing Sandking Version 1.2

5 April 2015 GTA San Andreas
If any of you are familiar with the modification of Jumping Sandking, then this is the second version of the script. The script gave the Sandking SUV a new ability when TAB pressed: it jumped over the ground with its own hydraulics and gently lande...

MTA: SA 1.2 (client and server Windows)

21 December 2011 GTA San Andreas
New version from the developers of alternative multiplayer, released on December 17, 2011. Version 1.2 corrects a lot of errors and significantly expands the functionality of MTA: SA. Required Update! Video from the penultimate beta test MTA: SA ...

GTA Open San Andreas beta 1

23 March 2020 GTA San Andreas
GTA Open Andreas beta 1 release: I post the mod GTA OSA, a modified version based on repack developers of the team OSA Team. GTA Open San Andreas has been completely refined, the entire building that the developers have made is now full of objec...

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