Promotional airship from GTA VC / V: Remake (v5)  
Promotional airship from GTA VC / V: Remake (v5) for GTA San Andreas
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Since this is already the fifth version, which, moreover, is almost completely redesigned, I will not refer you to previous versions, but just once again briefly tell you what the modification does.

And the modification adds an advertising airship to the game - exactly the same as it was in GTA: Vice City (there's also a similar airship in the fifth GTA). It will appear in each of the three cities at a random point, and then slowly fly over the city along a random trajectory.

In the screenshots you can see how he peacefully floats across the sky.

Unlike previous versions, in this airship appears before us in the form of a vehicle. You can knock it down while it is flying, or even fly it (control - like in a helicopter).

At night, the light blazes at the airship - it starts to go out of the windows. In the afternoon, the windows are black.

If the player leaves the city, or is away from the airship, then the player will disappear. He also does not appear near the player, but appears somewhere in the distance.

There are 2 versions in the archive. One adds the airship as a new transport, the other replaces the existing one.

Spread on other sites with the nickname of the author - TrushinVlad
Promotional airship from GTA VC / V: Remake (v5) for GTA San AndreasPromotional airship from GTA VC / V: Remake (v5) for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #2Promotional airship from GTA VC / V: Remake (v5) for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #3Promotional airship from GTA VC / V: Remake (v5) for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #4
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comment written on, 6 December 2017, 07:22
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It is immediately evident that the author has a good head. As enrages a huge number of scripts, which do not take into account many features of the game.
For protection from saving when working script + and respect.
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comment written on, 5 December 2017, 12:26
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This light on the last screen is so poorly looked
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