J-dog from hollywood undead

24 July 2012 GTA San Andreas
J-dog from the group hollywood undead ... I was looking specifically for the fans of the band

Animated Dog v1.0 Beta by Dayk

7 March 2013 GTA San Andreas
Now on the streets of cities and countryside you can meet dogs. Installation: 1. In gta3.img, replace the * .dff and * .txd files with the names: - WFYRO - WMYRO 2. Replace the file Skate.ifp in gta3.img. 3. Replace the Peds.ide and Ped...

Party Madd Dog'a v.2 (for the competition Gamazavr)

24 May 2013 GTA San Andreas
Well, in honor of this Gamazavr competition, Madd Dog invites you to his party. He is waiting for you. Features: Added 3d sound, added Kendl from the scene, many people added. P.S. - Script for the "Gamazavr" contest Here's the video: ...

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