GTA 5: The Manual

28 September 2013 GTA 5
Extended official guide to GTA 5 (GTAV: The Manual). Rokstarovtsy equipped the manual with an excellent map of the locality with the possibility of zoom, details of management, explanation of the possibilities of the characters.

The Communismator

1 June 2015 GTA 5
This textural mod turns The Liberator into The Communismator (Communicator, xD)! Features: * The American flag is replaced with the flag of the Soviet Union. * The logo of The Liberator is replaced by the unique logo The Communismator. * New c...

The Pinnacle of V - World Enhancement Project v1.8.1

3 December 2015 GTA 5
Does not need a description, watch the video. Stunning detail. Features of the mod: 1. Visual changes - The best and most realistic configurations of Reshade & ENB have been included to provide the perfect color balance to breathe a new ...

The Red House (new heists and missions) 3.1

11 June 2015 GTA 5
Features :20+ different missions!Bodyguards who will help you!Brand new Heist!Updates almost everyday![NEW!] Blue House with Stealth based missions Note : Press 2 and 8 to navigate and 5 to select a mission. ---- HOW TO INSTALL ---- You need ScriptHo...

Official trailer GTA 5 (Russian subtitles)

29 August 2013 GTA 5
Standard advertising trailer GTA 5 for the fast release of the game on the consoles. Official Trailer GTA 5 (Russian subtitles) Screenshots from the trailer The trailer sounds music: M83 - Midn...

GTA Theme Song Cover

21 September 2013 GTA 5
Cover-versions of two more soundtracks: GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony and GTA V. Cover-versions of GTA III, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA IV and GTA TLAD can be viewed HERE .

Trailer output for PS4 and Xbox One (1080p)

11 November 2014 GTA 5
Before the release GTA 5 On Xbox One and PlayStation 4 there was only one week and the developers released a release trailer of the updated version, in which there are many clear textures and new animals. Music in the trailer: ...

Trailer GTA 5 (Russian subtitles)

2 November 2011 GTA 5
As expected, the action will again unfold in the sunny and criminal Los Santos (Los Angeles). In the very first trailer, the main character talks about why he decided to move to this city. UPD: For those who do not understand En...

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Till Lindermann...
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Интересно выглядит. laughing
К нему подошел бы скин Праведника из SA.
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Надо будет "Коммунизматор" вечером сделать, с советской символикой.

А ретекстур прикольный.
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