Lamborghini Aventador [EPM] [Monster truck]

19 April 2014 GTA 4
An interesting idea, to turn Lamborghini Aventador into a crazy Monster truck. What has turned out of this and what features of this miracle, we look at the video!

Military Truck [Mafia II]

21 August 2011 GTA 4
Millitary Truck For GTA 4 . Model from Mafia II . Features: • Body color from Mafia 2; • 3D engine; • Full lods; • Working lights; • All the glass breaks; • Realistic damage; • There are bullet marks all over the body; ...

XL Trainer

23 December 2012 GTA 4
This is the full version XL Trainer Trainer. XL Trainer Is a module based on the Conventional Trainer, where each module shows as a graphical window with a menu. It's like a hacker's cheat just better. To open the menu, press Tab . Thi...

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