HD Weapons Pack v1.0 for GTA IV

2 November 2012 GTA 4
New models of weapons in HD quality: Glock 22 Desert Eagle AKS-74 Spas12 H & K XM8 H & K MP5 Dragunov SVD MAC-10 Koktel Molotova and much more. Colored weapon icons, new options, new effects sounds (for example, in a room, the sound of the...

HD Weapons Pack v1.5 Beta for GTA IV

13 July 2013 GTA 4
New models of weapons in HD quality: Beretta M9 Desert Eagle AK-74M Saiga-12K (Automatic) CheyTac Intervention BCC MP7 M4A1 A whirlwind and much more. (For now, Beta version, the screens are in the archive) New weapon icons (Not yet fully r...

Crysis 2 Weapon Pack V.3

30 July 2012 GTA 4
A new collection of weapons from Crysis 2. Features: -Real physics of weapons -HD quality patterns and textures Installation: files from Crysis 2 Alt Weapon Pack or Crysis 2 Weapon Pack Default cast in Grand Theft Auto IVpcmodelscdimages

Red Dead Redemption Weapons Pack

3 July 2012 GTA 4
Red Dead Redemption Weapons Pack - most of the weapons in the pack of RDR, but there are some that are not available in the game, for example, Colt Anaconda, Trigun Revolver, etc. In total there are 18 types of weapons in the archive. Let's list them...

GTA V Weapon HUD (HD Weapon icons)

30 July 2013 GTA 4
This mod will replace the dim weapon textures, from the GTA V Weapon HUD, making them more vivid and in HD quality.

Black Ops Hudson HD Textures Pack

24 July 2011 GTA 4
Black Ops Hudson HD texture, full skin replacement GG and a new form from CoD 7: Black Ops!

Ultimate HD Car Pack 2012 v1.2

27 April 2012 GTA 4
This is a new version of the carpac, there is a fix bug taxi! All machines are made in the highest HD quality. The machines are even better than in the previous carp. In the development of Karpak participated in the same way: TrendzPK, PLBanaziM...

HD Liberty City for GTA IV Release 2012

18 April 2012 GTA 4
Texture of fashion for the main city of Algonquin. The DTK70 started this in November as a favorite project for itself, since then it has grown to cover the entire main city of Algonquin, and has gone from simply roads and sidewalks to grass, walls, ...

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