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Girls Skin Pack v3.0 Final

30 November 2015 GTA 4
Puck models of different female characters. Installation : 1. Open the program OpenIV Archive Componentpeds.img . 2. Replace the files from the game archive with the similar ones from the folder Componentpeds.img . 3. Open the progr...

Girl Skin Pack v1.0

6 January 2012 GTA 4
New skins for 10 girls: -Ana -Cherise -Grace -Ilyena -Kate -Mallorie -Mamc -Marnie -Michelle -Sarah.

NY ENB 2.0 [Final]

6 April 2014 GTA 4
File Description NY ENB 2.0 [Final] Not a bad ENB for GTA IV Goes to patches In the new version added -High quality depth -Dirt Lens -Lens Flare Installation: throw in the folder with the game

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