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Stank Vanilla Style Vehicle

8 November 2015 GTA 3
A completely new machine for GTA III in the style of Ford Mustang, called Stank, from the well-known OnePiece . In the archive there are three versions of the car: Hard roof, cabriolet and Diablo. I will note once again that the author is n...

Ford Crown Victoria LCPD

14 November 2013 GTA 3
The policeman Ford Crown Victoria The model is fully functional, and I tested it more than once. * Has own 3d wheels * Quality textures * The model is completely destroyed * Perfectly fits the game * Great for Enb For correct operation, y...

Evil City Mod-Pack

27 June 2012 GTA 3
Evil City - modification for GTA 3 Type "mod-pack" (a set of specially selected mods), replacing most of the standard vehicles with new ones and adding a few more innovations. The fleet contains more than twenty new cars, including For...

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