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GTA Advance Pc Port - BETA2

1 July 2018 GTA 3
GTA ADVANCE PC PORT BETA 2 by XR WHAT'S NEW? * A whole new area in Harwood * A new construction site for the Porter Tunnel * Original fonts, textures, menu backgrounds and hud from GTA Advance * New unique stunt jumps for the whole c...

The First Person View for III

29 July 2019 GTA 3
GTA 3 is a great game. As everybody knows, the devs were planning to implement a FPS mode in the PC version, but something went wrong. That is quite sad, because during the 20 years a few tries were made to make this camera mode complete, changing th...

Back to the Future: Liberty City

9 January 2013 GTA 3
Back to the Future: The Liberty City mod for Grand Theft Auto III is based on the Trilogy Back to the Future, allowing the player to reproduce all the important moments from the film. Some cases have been changed in order to make it more interesting ...

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