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Grand Theft Auto III beta timecycle

28 July 2014 GTA 3
This mod adds a real tymecyc.dat from the beta version of GTA III. All the changes in this fashion you can see in the video. Installation: Extract all files to the data folder and confirm the replacement.

Grand Theft Auto III (full)

28 October 2016 GTA 3
I present to your attention the full Russification of the game Grand Theft Auto III. The game is voiced by two voices using a voice change. In the game, there is practically no English speech, except radio, as all the plot and non-story characters ar...

Grand Theft Auto: III Definitive Edition

19 March 2021 GTA 3
Grand Theft Auto: III Definitive Edition is a remaster that adds beta features to the game, features from the PS2 version and various things that improve and expand the game's capabilities.Namely:Animations from PS2 versionDetailed helicoptersSkin & ...

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