Chevrolet Apache Fleetside 1958 for GTA III  
Chevrolet Apache Fleetside 1958 for GTA III for GTA 3
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Category: Files for GTA 3
Section: VehiclesCars
Author*: StratumX & mad-d...
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File size: 4.31 Mb
File replaces: mule.col, mule.dff, ...
File uploaded by: vlad-b-3
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Downloads: 298
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GCU Modeling Team Work
Detailed study of the salon and other auto parts
3D-parts for saloon, engine
Own collision
All parts of the car are damaged
Fully functioning front and rear lights
Customized handling
Factory colors
For the normal functioning of this model, you need DMagic1 Wheel Mod v3.0

Using the program IMG Tool 2.0, replace the file "gta3.img" (it is located in the Models folder), the files "mule.dff" and "mule.txd" to similar ones from the archive. Next, using the program Collision File Editor, replace the file "vehicles.col" (it is in the folder Models / coll), the file "mule.col" to the same from the archive. Then replace the lines in the files "carcols.dat", "handling.cfg" and "default.ide" (they are in the Data folder) with those specified in the "readme.txt".
Chevrolet Apache Fleetside 1958 for GTA III for GTA 3
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