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GTA Advance Pc Port - BETA2

1 July 2018 GTA 3
GTA ADVANCE PC PORT BETA 2 by XR WHAT'S NEW? * A whole new area in Harwood * A new construction site for the Porter Tunnel * Original fonts, textures, menu backgrounds and hud from GTA Advance * New unique stunt jumps for the whole c...

GTA Advance PC Port

24 May 2018 GTA 3
BETA I Release of GTA Advance PC Port by XR Grand Theft Auto Advance is a PC remake of original GTA Advance (2004, GameboyAdvance). Its a sequel to LCS, while being a prequel to GTAIII. Its taking place in the year 2000, only 2 years...

GTA 3: Kostygov City. BETA2.3.

3 May 2015 GTA 3
Global modification for gta3. Replaces the game card with a fictional city Kostygov City. I make this city alone, which explains the rather long and painstaking work. Nevertheless ... Recommended Set this modification on top Previous ...

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