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Preservation of GTA 3 100%

11 September 2016 GTA 3 (iOS, Android)
Hello, dear gamers! After a lot of time, I still post augmented preservation so that you can enjoy the game in GTA 3, using this preservation. I'm sure it will not disappoint you! Let's go through all the advantages of this preservation! ...

Optimized audio folder

Truncated sound files for gta 3 android / ios. Installation: in the folder with the cache, delete the audio folder, unpack the archive into the folder with the cache.

JCheater: GTA III Edition

JCheater: GTA III Edition is a special program that allows you to conveniently activate cheats in GTA 3 for the version on Android. Now directly in the game, you can open a list of cheats, and selecting the one you need by typing it on the keyboard. ...

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