How to Buy the GTA Online 50-Car Garage

28 February 2023

The new Eclipse Blvd Garage is now available for purchase in GTA Online. It has a capacity of 50 vehicles. In this guide you will learn how much this garage costs and where you can buy it.

How to Buy the Eclipse Blvd 50-Car Garage

Visit the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website to buy the new garage in GTA Online. You can't buy the garage just by walking up to a "For Sale" sign on the street, unlike other properties.

The cost for the new garage is 2,740,000 GTA$. You can choose from three different interior styles and one of 12 neon lighting colours free of charge. After you buy the garage, you can change the style of each floor separately but for a fee.

Where Is the 50-Car Garage Located

The Eclipse Blvd 50 is located on Eclipse Boulevard in the northern area of Los Santos. There's no way to directly move your vehicles from one garage to another, so you'll need to transport them to the new garage yourself. To make this task easier, go to the garage and call the mechanic to deliver your vehicles one by one.

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