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James Earl Cash instead of CJ

9 September 2013 Files for modmakers
Once I decided to make James a replacement for CJ, but I did not finish it, so I spread it for everyone. You can finish it if you want.

Joker's Hair for CJ

2 January 2014 Files for modmakers
Found a joker model, cut it into polygons and left only hair. Tired on the bald sidozhi, converted! (Like all norms), and here's the texture of the hair falls on the whole model! How did not try how to not be cunning and CJ with the texture of the ha...

UV Repair

21 August 2013 Files for modmakers
After using 3d ripper, many faced the problem of lost texture coordinates in "ripnutyh" models. However uv-coordinates did not disappear anywhere. They are present on the model, but are hidden from the eyes in a different from the 1st texture channel...

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