Xlive DLL

19 May 2011 GTA 4
This file fixes an error "Serial number 5372 is not found in the DLL xlive.dll" when you start the game GTA EFLC Just unpack all the files in the folder with the game.

GTA IV Zombie Mod (ZoMbocalYpse)

26 November 2013 GTA 4
The game must be only the latest version and the mod does not go to EFLC. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS This mod has a strict system requirement! 1 Have good eyesight and knowledge of the Russian alphabet is desirable from A to Z 2 Hands shou...

Ready Trainer

7 March 2011 GTA 4
Everything is ready for Simple Native Trainer 6.2, for lazy to download script programs. That is, the installer is ScriptHook, xlive.dll and the trainer itself! Installation - Unzip the archive run the installer. Attention! Trainer only work...

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