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AK-74 Assault Rifle

30 May 2014 GTA 4
Features: - High-quality 3D model; - Qualitative textures; - Exactly sitting in his hands; - Realistic sounds; Have a good game!

GTA V Weapons Big Pack

30 March 2015 GTA 4
Mod is an addition for AddTools . This is the largest pack of weapons from GTA 5. Ask why the biggest? And because it not only replaces all the weapons that are in the game, but also adds 14 weapons. Unfortunately, the weapon models are not mine be...

GTA V Carbine rifle

26 March 2014 GTA 4
Carbine Rifle from GTA 5. Replaces M4. Textures of medium quality due to the fact that the direct envelope from GTA 5. In general, the model is not bad. Have a good game.

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