HD Claude

28 December 2011 GTA 3
HD Claude for GTA III, this is not a skin, but a real HD Claude. Installation with the IMG Tool, then remove all skins from the skins folder and delete the player file from the generic folder (gta III / models / generic).

Claude With A Broken Arm

7 June 2013 GTA 3
Claude with a crippled hand. Now the clod has an excuse why he does not know how to swim.

New Texture for Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club (For competition)

28 June 2013 GTA 3
------------Attention!!! For the contest !!! ------------ Mod replaces the old textures in the Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club with new, better ones. Replaced the texture of the floor, walls, upholstered furniture and so on. You probably already thou...

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